Who We Serve

Apartment Communities
When you manage a single apartment building or a community, you give your tenants the best. With our commercial landscape maintenance services, we help you deliver on that promise so you can feel at ease. 

General Contracting and Development Companies
Outsource your landscaping tasks to the professionals at Paige Landscape. We’re certified in landscape design, so allowing us to create your outdoor space will help your bottom line and create an attractive and sustainable project for you. Reduce the maintenance costs of your site development with a proper plan from the very start. 
Homeowner Associations and Condominiums
The tenants of condominiums expect their grounds to be kept neat and clean at all times. Deliver the best and improve your tenant retention rates through proper and timely landscape maintenance with Paige Landscape Company as your dependable service partner. 
Hotels and Hospitality Facilities
Hotels and hospitality facilities are all about creating comfortable, inviting experiences for guests. Our landscape maintenance packages make this much easier for engineers and property managers. Maximize your efficiency and enjoy peace of mind with Paige Landscape on your team. 
Corporate Buildings and Office Parks
Your tenants and owners of office buildings and business parks are relying on you to help them form great first impressions. Lessen the burden by having us provide superior customer service,  prompt response to requests, and dedicated attention to detail. Take advantage of our crews to enhance your curb appeal and landscape investment value! 
College and University Campuses
Properly maintaining your grounds for a college or university campus is essential for making students and faculty feel welcome, proud, and confident. Let Paige Landscape help you accomplish this as well as enrolling more potential students while handling  your landscaping tasks. 

These are the market segments that benefit from our services.

Whether you manage one of the properties below or a different type of property, we are uniquely equipped to lessen your workload by meeting all of your landscaping needs.

Shopping Centers and Retail Locations
Shopping centers can be difficult to manage because they require constant upkeep. We can lessen your workload by managing the landscaping tasks so that you don’t have to. 

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
You create a comfortable space when managing hospitals and healthcare facilities while adhering to all rules and regulations. We have a proven track record of designing and maintaining the grounds of healthcare facilities while upholding a dedicated commitment to safety.

How may we help you?

          If you’re looking for commercial landscape maintenance services in the Central Indiana area, find out how we can help you increase the earning potential of your properties.